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Welcome to Pokarts

Kings and Queens

Digital Art

movement  for

kings  and  queens.

Gambling and Galleries


Today Pokarts is one of the leading NFTs Art project in Italy with more than 200 nfts minted between gifts and purchases and a community of 5000 people.

The collection has been showcased at the art gallery Pool NYC established in New York and based in Milan and Venice, at party events and in the best national poker tournament of Italy, at the Imperium Room. 

Pokarts has been selected by an Hong Kong videogame company

to create a videogame using the designs of the cards. 

The Story

"I started designing Pokarts as an attempt to get distracted from the game.

In 2021 my passion for poker was so big that Angelina Jolie

waiting me home would have not be enought to get me out of the chair."

Vittorio Guarienti, Torio, Artist

Pokarts borns as a free time joke, to find something else to do that wasn't just poker.

But it rapidly become something more...

"Pokarts made me stay away from

the poker tables for more than one year,

transforming a ludopathy into an artistic project."

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