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Do you know what is an nft?

NFT is a new technology created to be able to possess a digital file.

It's regolated by Blockchain, that is like an archive but without paper.

NFTs, (digital art, GIFs, music, and videos)

Can have various utilities: for example, tickets for events, club membership, discount card and many more stuff.

In Art NFTs can reminds Pokemon cards. It's something with a design unique, that belongs only to you, that you can use and hope it gets value one day.

The Roadmap

                 The Roadmap is a sort of digital tour to

     help you understand what will be like to be a collector.

                                                           Follow the foosteps...

Every Pokarts Collector will receive a special delivery at home:

The Exclusive Deck with the 54 Illustrated Cards of the collection.



       Disliked by society and
     excluded in almost every card game,
Jokers surely deserve something better.
To create enthusiasm and rebuild their
   dignity, we will send 
1 ETH (ca 1600$)
award to the 2 lucky ones who
              will mint them.



These years have not be the easiest ones...

Not the time to enjoy the end of the pandemic and another tragedy called war broke out:

All the incomes generated by this card (designed n 14 editions, for a total of ca 1400$) will be donated to Save the Children to sustain kids victims of war.


People with the best NFT collections (Pair, Tris, Poker)

will receive special gifts.

This game will also help people who want to sell their NFT to find collectors interested in.


As Event lovers, we like experimenting with events in and there.
In 2022 we organised an
art Gallery, showcased in poker tournament and featured with techno parties.
2023 we will organise something unique for Pokarts Collectors, using our NFTs as passes.

Be prepared...


  • What does it means mint?
    Minting an nft is like taking the artwork from the artist's archives. Once minted, an nft will be allowed to be bought, sold and traded like a physical painting.
  • What is the supply and price of the collection?
    777 unique hand-drawn NFTs. 0.06 ETH for whitelist and 0.07 for public minting.
  • How to mint an NFT?
    Download a digital wallet. (we recommend Get some ETH (the coins for NFTs) on Now that your wallet is ready, go on the mint page, connect your wallet and you are good to go.
  • What makes this project unique?
    The project is based on a real story, something you can talk at the bar and impress your friends. NFT collections normally use generative algorithm to create images, (shuffling elements to compose avatars.) Pokarts revolutionise this process by having all the NFTs hand-drawn and unique. The Deck, a physical present to show gratitude to all the Collectors. The Game, that will incentivizes transactions between holders, making you find more easily a buyer in case you want to sell your NFT.
  • Where can I see and make transactions with my NFT? is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, where you can see and transact your NFTs. To use OpenSea, you will need to connect a digital wallet, such as MetaMask manage your NFTs as well as make transactions. Once you have connected your MetaMask wallet, you can easily browse and purchase NFTs on OpenSea, or list your own for sale. Note: Your NFTS are stored on your metamask wallet but can appear on every web3 software.

Mint to be sure to have

your digital piece of the collection

before they end.

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